Success case: improving accuracy renewable energy production prediction



Renewable energy requires accurate forecasts that are capable of maximizing their economic performance and integration into the electrical grid. However, current predictions for a wind farm 24 hours in advance are around 30% to 40% of the average production. This has significant operational and economic implications in the renewable energy sector. For instance: uncertainty in electrical grid management, economic penalties in the energy market, and resource wastage.

Best Predictor in the Market

We use prediction data supplied by meteorological agencies. We guarantee predictions based on consistent data that can be comparable over time.

We apply convolutional neural networks (CNN), an artificial intelligence architecture designed to recognize visual patterns, to process these NWPs and generate hourly predictions of the performance of wind and photovoltaic parks. This has allowed us to work alongside Red Eléctrica de España to improve predictions in the Spanish market by between 5% and 10% in accuracy. The results obtained represent a significant advancement in the predictive capacity of wind energy production, contributing to a more reliable and efficient electrical grid. 

REE has active solar energy predictors launched by Ravenwits. A system whose results with real data indicate an improvement over previously used models. The results in terms of accuracy can be comparable to those obtained for wind energy.

Our collaboration with REE goes beyond the development of predictors. Together, we have addressed critical aspects such as the impact of prices on renewable energy production, the determination of confidence intervals for predictions, and the efficient management of fluctuations in energy production. These efforts reflect our joint commitment to addressing the present and future challenges of the energy sector with innovative and sustainable solutions.
The collaboration between our company and REE has proven to be a true catalyst for innovation in the Spanish energy sector. We remain committed to working together to advance the development of technologies that allow for a more efficient and sustainable management of the electrical grid, ensuring a more promising energy future for all. 

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